There are so many benefits of using soy wax when making candles. Not only does this pure and natural candle wax have a luxurious silky white appearance but it is also great for the environment!

  • 100% Eco Friendly

    Soy wax made from the oil of soybeans which means it’s naturally biodegradable and renewable.

  • Non Toxic

    Soy wax burns cleaner than paraffin and doesn’t blacken walls or spread nasty toxins into the air you breathe. Soy is also non-carcinogenic.

  • Slow and Steady

    It burns at a slower and cooler temperature than other waxes which means a longer lasting candle for you!

  • Scent Throw

    Soy candles are better at holding colour and scent. This means it fills the room with a strong and lasting fragrance! Natural soy candles also have a cleaner smell than other candles.